Services & Pricing

The greatest investment we can make is an investment in ourselves. Life Coaching offers a measurable return on your investment by way of tangible improvements in personal satisfaction, happiness, goal accomplishment and relationships.


General SErvices

I am based in Calaveras County, California and offer both in-person and mobile sessions to accommodate my clients needs both locally and from afar. I work with a wide variety of clientele from all walks of life and in a variety of arenas. I help my clients to live their best lives and thrive by guiding them to achieve any and all goals they set for themselves. I help guide my clients to lasting change and improved lives, careers and relationships by focusing on who they are with the goal of attaining and bringing into fruition what they want. My passion is helping people thrive in all areas of their personal and professional lives.

Sessions are non-clinical, fully confidential and geared toward the client’s specific objective. As a Certified Professional Coach* (CPC) it is not my goal to diagnose or treat; I work with clients, not patients. My aim is to facilitate actively pursuing a fulfilling and balanced life that aligns with my clients’ core values and goals; a life that they themselves define.  I am never here to judge or advise but rather to guide and to create a space where my clients can be and become their truest and best selves and thrive.

*Certification is in progress with iPEC, an IFC accredited Professional Coaching program, and will be completed in Spring of 2019.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions: $50*/ 75 minute session. Package rates available.

*Rates subject to change following completion of certification.


Teen clients are particularly well suited to coaching. Teens often struggle to find themselves and their personal voice, and they often feel ostracized, judged, misunderstood and unheard. When working with teens my goal is to help them find themselves and to define who they are and how they show up in the world. Coaching teens helps them to be more confident and happy, build positive social skills and relationships and to be successful and enthusiastic in their academic and career goals. Through coaching, teens become more socially conscious and happy members of their families, schools and society and hone and develop life skills that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Couples and Family Units

Our interpersonal relationships are vital to our happiness and success in life. Regardless of the type of relationship, every one can benefit from coaching. Relationship coaching is about addressing the goals of the unit and focuses on the future. Unlike therapy, which often dwells in the past, coaching helps to move people forward. I work with married couples, romantic partners and parent-child relationships to help them get the most out of their relationship and propel them toward happiness and lasting success.

Relationship Coaching sessions: $75*/ 90 minute session.

*Rates subject to change following the completion of certification.

Business/Career Coaching 

Coaching is particularly well suited to helping businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals in attaining their goals and creating a productive and successful work environment. Whether the goal is to start a new business venture, advance an established business or improve employee/customer relationships, coaching can help you get there. Coaching offers tangible and measurable returns in employee and customer relations, job satisfaction, productivity, and financial success.

Rates vary based on client needs/specifications.

Other Services

  • Workshops

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Group Sessions

  • Special Interest Groups

    • i.e. veterans groups, women’s crisis centers, group homes, rehabilitation centers, mothers groups, etc.

Rates vary based on client needs/specifications.